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Caring for your Lusso Babies Bag

Cleaning the Inside of your Bag


All our linings have a water resistant coating, meaning they can be wiped clean on the go. The neutral colours we use enables you to find items in your bag easily. To clean your Lusso Babies lining simply clean using a damp cloth or sponge wiped in a circular motion and left to dry naturally.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not put your Lusso Babies bag in the washing machine, submerge fully in water or use any complex products.



Cleaning the outside of your Bags


All Lusso Babies bags are made from the highest quality water resistant materials but from time to time, the wear and tear of daily life may mean your Lusso Babies is in need of a clean. Follow the easy steps below to bring your Lusso Babies back to it’s best.

Wipe using a damp cloth or sponge (not overly wet as this can cause water stains) to remove any surface dirt. Remember to keep rinsing your cloth to prevent the dirt spreading.


Using a cleaning product:

1. Using a sponge or cloth, apply a small amount of mild soap to an inconspicuous area of your bag to test your soap does not stain your bag and allow to dry naturally

2. Once you can confirm your test has not stained your bag, gently clean the rest of your bag with a soft sponge or cloth. Do not soak your bag or submerge in water
3. Remove any excess moisture with a dry clean cloth.
4. Leave your Lusso Babies bag to dry fully in a well-ventilated area. Never use artificial heat to dry your bag as this can cause permanent damage and always let any water spillages dry naturally. Never pack away damp.

Maintaining Colour and Shape of My Bag

Damage to your Lusso Babies can be caused by sunlight. It is therefore important that when not in use, your bag is stored away from sunlight and if possible in a box or dust bag. Filling your bag with stuffing will also maintain the shape, although please do not use newspaper as this could smear and mark your interior, we would recommend using acid-free tissue paper to do this.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can my Lusso bag be machine washed or dry-cleaned?

Due to the high-quality materials used we strongly advise against putting your bag in the washing machine or dry-cleaning it. All advised cleaning instructions can be found above


How do I clean my changing mat?

Our changing mats can be machine washed cold (30 degrees C or 80 degrees F). Wash on its own, or with similar coloured items. Do not use fabric softener. Leave to dry naturally.


Can my Lusso bag go in the Hold on the plane?

The Lusso Babies Changing Bag can be taken as cabin baggage but we do not recommend them for hold luggage due to the damage that can be inflicted on bags during transit. Follow cleaning instructions above. Fits most aircraft overhead compartments – always check with your airline prior to travel for carry-on restrictions.

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