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Why Bamboo is the Best for Your Baby

Cotton was once king, but bamboo is quickly becoming known as the best fabric for baby blankets, clothing, and bedding due to its many amazing advantages.

By Taryn Skinner


Bamboo has burst onto the scene as the new must have material.  It has become a popular choice for everything from flooring to bed sheets.  For the longest time, companies have claimed that their 100% cotton products were made of the best material available, but bamboo is quickly becoming known as the better material with many advantages, especially for babies.  Here is why you should choose bamboo over cotton when deciding what to wrap your baby in.



Cotton fabric is known to retain heat, and even the most delicate muslin fabrics can not compete with the breathability of bamboo.  Bamboo is an extremely breathable fabric. Breathable fabrics are known to disperse carbon dioxide, reducing the risk of SIDs.  The increased airflow associated with bamboo will also help your baby stay cool, preventing overheating.   When wrapping your newborn in a bamboo swaddle, there is no need to worry about them getting too hot!


Moisture Wicking

All parents know that a leaky nappy or spit up can leave a babe damp and uncomfortable, ultimately disrupting their sleep.  Cotton is known as an absorbent fabric, but it cannot hold as much liquid as bamboo.  Bamboo can hold three times its weight in liquid and up to 40% more than cotton.  It absorbs quickly, pulling the wetness away from baby’s skin, keeping them dry and comfortable. This can help provide parents with some much needed extra rest!



Bamboo has amazing natural antimicrobial properties.  Cotton on the other hand can aid in bacterial growth, holding on to unpleasant smells.  Bamboo can fight off bacterial growth, keeping it smelling great! This is wonderful news for those of us who forget to wash a swaddle that may have been spit up on.


Like Butter

When looking at bamboo in its raw form, soft is not the first thing that comes to mind.  That may be why many people are not aware of how soft it really is! Cotton may look nice and fluffy in its raw state, but it can’t compete with the buttery softness of bamboo once it is woven into fabric.  Bamboo can hold its shape well and is unlikely to snag, keeping the weave soft and gentle on a little one’s skin.  Because it is so durable, it is less likely to fall victim to holes which can prove dangerous for infants.  The softness of bamboo is unmatched.



Environmentally Conscious

Many people are taking steps to be more environmentally conscious in their lives.  Bamboo is a fabric that comes from very fast-growing crops with minimal environmental impact.  This renewable resource has an incredibly small impact on the environment.  On the other hand, cotton crops are often dirty, and the use of pesticides is abundant. Many of these chemicals have been deemed hazardous to human health!  Bamboo can regulate pest control on its own, so there is little to no need for any pesticides.


Bamboo is the fabric of the future!

Bamboo has so many great benefits that work with a range of products.  As bamboo becomes more readily available in baby swaddles, clothing, and bedding, it is sure to be the top choice amongst quality conscious parents who want the best for their child.


If you are looking to purchase buttery soft swaddles for your delicate newborn, Lusso Babies has recently launched a new line of bamboo infant swaddles.  They are comprised of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex so that your little one can adjust as needed without breaking out of their comfy cocoon.  They feature double stitching and a velcro closure to ensure a snug fit.  They currently come in neutral-coloured three packs which are available in size 0-3 month with more sizes coming soon.


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