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How to Plan a Baby Sprinkle That Will Feel Totally Different From Your Shower

By Katelyn Chef 
January 17, 2020

When you're welcoming baby number two (or three, or four), there's no doubt you're going to need a lot less. Hand-me-downs are glorious when it comes to saving money in the long run, but they also mean you're not going to need all the gifts and baby gear that typically come with a traditional baby shower. Still, every younger sibling is still worth a party, right? We think so! Enter the baby sprinkle.

A sprinkle is a second baby shower that's typically more scaled down than your first. Rest assured there will still be plenty of cake at the occasion, but sprinkle gifts are more necessities (think baby hygiene products as well as the ever-appreciated assortment of diapers) since it makes sense for second-time parents to reuse their first child's toys, swings, high chairs, car seats, and so on.

Unlike a baby shower where every coworker and neighbor is invited, many times parents host a baby sprinkle for immediate family and close friends only. In other words, it's a low-pressure yet celebratory gathering. Think of the baby sprinkle as an event to mix, mingle, eat, and send well-wishes for the mom and baby. Ready to get planning? Here are some tips from the pros.

When to Host Your Baby Sprinkle

Hosting your baby sprinkle party two to three months before the new baby arrives is an ideal time. While you're in the midst of planning your low-key sprinkle, the creatives at Minted recommend that you keep party communication efficient yet chic. "Order your thank you cards while you are planning instead of waiting until after the sprinkle."

Baby Sprinkle Themes and Decorations

Once the time and place for your baby sprinkle are settled, time to pick a theme and plan decorations. Remember: Baby sprinkles are meant to be casual and low-lift. Choose elements like invitations, decor, food, and entertainment that are easy to execute, but still feel like you. A few popular sprinkle themes we love:

  • Raindrop and rain shower theme
  • Ice cream & sprinkle topping theme
  • Baby wild animal theme
  • Spring "showers" floral theme
  • "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" theme

Our favorite baby sprinkle party inspiration of the bunch may be the raindrop theme. Imagine your party decorated with multicolor raindrops, as well as happy clouds. Adding festive tiny rain boots with flowers sprouting out acts as an adorable (and easy) centerpiece idea. Including a sun or rainbow candy-filled piñata would be a decorative touch that also functions as a party game.

More partial to delicious ice cream sprinkles? Envision as many mounds of confetti-like ice cream toppings as one could imagine, and instead of a cake or cupcake table, spoil guests with a DIY ice cream sundae station. For your tables, set out ice cream sprinkles in fun colors in separate bowls and add splashes of confetti to bring home a sprinkle theme. Bunches of balloons or a simple balloon arch in the sprinkle's color palette can not only act as party decor, but also as a great photo op spot for guests to capture sweet moments of your special event.

For any theme you choose, the biggest decoration perk of planning a sprinkle is that you'll be able to pay attention to small details. Personalization is an elegant touch and definitely more doable with a smaller guest list. A few ideas: Personalized thank yous, place cards, and favors marked with each guest's initials.

Baby Sprinkle Games

Anyone who's ever attended a baby shower can agree that shower games can get a bit rowdy. Since your baby sprinkle is going to be a more simplified affair, narrow your baby games down to one or two creative activities. One idea: Consider guests creating a floral crown for the expecting momma with a fun little prize for the best flower crown creation. More fun, yet low-key, baby sprinkle activities are embellishing onesies, creating art for the nursery, DIY-ing baby wooden blocks, and so on.


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