Give Your Baby the Safest Sleep Possible

And make your life easier!

By Taryn Skinner


The benefit of swaddling a newborn is not a new discovery. Parents have been swaddling their babies for thousands of years.  By wrapping your little one like a burrito, you can settle their startle reflex and provide them with the comfort they had in the womb. But the art of swaddling requires a lot of practice. Sometimes, you just can’t wrap your baby effectively.


Not All Blankets are Created Equal

Experienced swaddlers make wrapping a baby look simple.  Many parents are embarrassed when they just cannot get their baby wrapped up snuggly.  Swaddling is a skill that take lots of practice to master. 

You must fold the blanket just so, place the baby, tuck the fabric ever so tightly, and fight against your surprisingly strong newborn.  But it doesn’t have to be this hard!

By using a specialized swaddle blanket instead of a large square blanket to wrap your baby, you can make your life easier and increase how safe and sound your baby sleeps.


The New Way to Swaddle

Specialized swaddles often have a pouch for your baby’s legs and a system to securely wrap their arms.  By securing a baby in a specialized wrap, you increase safety and save time. 

Swaddles are more efficient at keeping babies wrapped up tight and stretchy fabrics let baby adjust, without startling themselves.  By using a wrap that is secured with velcro, you can make sure your baby remains comfortably sleeping, as long as possible. 


The Escape Artist

Anyone who has swaddled their baby in a large blanket has seen how talented they are when it comes to escaping their burrito prison!  When a baby breaks out of the wrapping of a large blanket, it can be dangerous.

Babies under the age of one should not have blankets or toys in bed with them.  Extra fabric can decrease airflow, leading to a higher risk of SIDs.  Swaddle blankets are much better at keeping your little one wrapped up. 

Additionally, specialized swaddles come in specific sizes.  So, if your little Houdini does manage to escape, there is no unnecessary fabric. 


The Easiest Night Wakings Around

When your newborn wakes every two hours to be fed and changed, the last thing you want to do is deal with an oversized blanket.  With a specialized swaddle blanket you simple un-velcro, change their nappy, and re-velcro.  It’s that simple!  No fumbling around in the dark with a large swath of fabric! 

The quicker you get your baby wrapped snuggly, the quicker you can get some much-needed rest.


The New Necessity

While the practice of swaddling babies dates back thousands of years, the invention of an easier way to wrap them is relatively new.

 Save yourself the time and hassle of wrapping your baby in a blanket and invest in a set of soft, breathable swaddles.  Swaddles made of bamboo offer unmatched breathability, are antimicrobial, and are incredibly gentle on your baby’s skin.  Give your baby and yourself the gift of restful, safe sleep.