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11 Reasons You Should Choose Bamboo Over Cotton

Bamboo is a revolutionary fabric and the best for your baby!

By Taryn Skinner


We love bamboo!  It is an amazing fabric with so many benefits from its durability to its fresh smell.  If you’re someone who usually prefers cotton to other fabrics, we suggest you take a look at these 11 reasons to buy bamboo instead.


  1. Breathability

While cotton is breathable, it can’t compare with the breathability of bamboo.  Bamboo’s fibers are smooth and when weaved create a fabric that has tiny openings, allowing for air to pass through.


  1. Thermo Regulating

Due to the breathability of bamboo, it is also thermo-regulating.  It can keep you warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot.  This is a fabric that can be used year-round in any climate!


  1. Antibacterial

Bamboo naturally fights off bacteria due to a natural bio-agent within the fibers.  That means that bamboo fabric can go longer between washes, saving time and energy.  For cotton to have antibacterial properties it needs to be treated with chemicals when it is manufactured.


  1. Fights of Bad Odor

With bacteria comes bad smells!  Because bamboo can fight off bacteria naturally, it maintains a fresh smell.


  1. Moisture Wicking

Bamboo is both incredibly absorbent (up to 40% more absorbent than cotton!) and moisture wicking.  This means that bamboo pulls moisture away from the skin.  Cotton is absorbent, but not moisture wicking, so if cotton gets wet it will hold the moisture against your skin.  After soaking up liquid bamboo is also able to dry quickly.


  1. Softer

Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft to the touch, without being slippery.  It has a super fine weave, creating a smooth finish to the fabric.  It is sure to be gentle on your baby’s skin!


  1. Durability

While bamboo is incredibly soft, it is not delicate!  Bamboo is a strong fiber that resists pulls and tears.  This ensures that it remains soft and lasts a long time!  While some cotton is durable, the softer varieties are often delicate and snag easily.


  1. Hypoallergenic

Since bamboo is hypoallergenic, it is far less likely to cause a reaction in those with sensitive skin.  Cotton is also hypoallergenic but is often treated with pesticides during production and chemicals during manufacturing which can cause a reaction when in contact with a baby’s skin.


  1. UV protection

Bamboo fiber is the only natural fabric used in textiles that has the ability to block harmful UV rays.  No need to worry that your little one is being burned through their bamboo blanket, onesie, or swaddle!


  1. A Dream to Wash

Bamboo is naturally wrinkle resistant.  While it may get a few tiny creases, for the most part it will maintain its shape and because of all the benefits listed above, it needs to be washed much less often than cotton products.  Bamboo is machine washable and will dry quickly without a dryer!


  1. Eco Friendly

Bamboo grows fast!  It is a renewable resource that grows in small spaces, making little impact on the environment.  Bamboo can also naturally regulate pests, which means little to no pesticides.  Cotton on the other hand is a dirty crop, requiring a lot of water and space to grow.  Cotton is also often treated with harmful pesticides.  Best of all, bamboo is completely biodegradable!  No need to worry about old bamboo items clogging up landfills or floating around in the ocean!



Bamboo fabric has so many benefits that make it easy to use and give it a higher-level of quality compared to cotton.  While giving your baby the best, you are also giving the world the best by buying fabrics with less impact on the environment!


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