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1 Month Old Baby Development


  Congratulations! Your baby is now 1 month old and well done to you putting the effort to learn about your baby’s needs. As baby grows, she gets stronger, and probably you can notice that she can lift her head up while on her tummy, however, you are still required to give her a lot of head support. Have you also noticed the cooing and gurgling? That’s what your little bundle of joy uses to communicate with you. Don’t be shy and respond back!  


1-month-old Baby development

The average weight for a 1-month-old baby boy as we mentioned earlier is 9 lbs 14 oz or 4.5 kg and for baby girls  9 lbs 4 oz or 4.2 kg. But if your baby is under or over those figures don’t worry. As every human being babies have different sizes and shapes. As long as your baby is growing and putting weight in a healthy way, there’s nothing to worry about. Your paediatrician will introduce your 1-month-old baby to her first checkup. Usually, the conclusion is that she has gained about 2 pounds grown about 2 inches and her head about an inch larger.  


1-month-old Baby Sleep

A one-month-old baby is healthy to sleep between 15 to 16 hours. About 8 hours during the night and 3 cat naps during the day is what most babies do. Below we will mention some reasons which might prevent your one-month-old baby to have uninterrupted sleep. Overfed – try to give her the recommended amount of formula or breastmilk Overstimulated – play during the day and relax in the evening. Give your baby plenty of time to relax and calm down before sleep. Day/night confusion – Bear in mind that babies play in the womb at night so it might take some time to get used to the night time sleeping. Illness – An illness might make your baby sleep more than usual, in that case, make sure to pinpoint that and call your paediatrician. Or just extra sleepy – Just like adults some babies can be extra sleepy than others. As long as there are no other the baby is eating, pooing and peeing enough, it’s probably nothing to worry about.  


1-month-old Baby Feeding

You will probably notice that it takes your baby less time to finish his “meal”. That doesn’t mean that she eats less, it is the fact that she learns to do it more efficiently. In the coming months, the feeding process will start taking less and less time. The quantity of milk your baby consumes is approximately 4 ounces if you feed her with formula.


Baby water intake

Doctors don’t recommend to give baby water before the 6th month as she receives plenty of fluids with your breast milk or formula. The reason is the water intake can make her feel full and prevent her from feeding as much as she should.
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At 1-month-old baby's vision is still blurry. In fact, it stays blurry until 3-month-old. But your baby will be able to see colour differences, but those colours with similar shades like orange and red will be difficult for her to recognise. She will be able to focus on toys if you move them left to right very close in front of her.



Your baby's taste is very well developed but for sweet foods. Salty, sour or bitter are not quite of interest yet.



Your baby is a very high sensitive creature. His face, hands, cheeks, mouth and abdomen are the most sensitive parts of his body. That's why at this stage skin-to-skin contact is essential. Your infant hands will be closed most of the time but when they are not, if you put your finger inside he will respond to that touch with a grasp. His mouth is very sensitive too, and he uses it to search and find your nipple or when touched to his cheek to explore the source of the touch.



At 1-month of age, the smell of your baby is quite strong. Did you know that too strong smells like your perfume may interfere with her taste sense which could cause her not feeding as well.



Your 1-month-old baby has a well-developed hearing. You will find that she responds to high-pitched noises and also to familiar sounds like your voice or lullaby that you sing or play to her. Downloadable feeding schedule checklist Checklist for 1-month-old baby 2-Month-Old-Baby-Milestones

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